Monday, March 31, 2008

BCS Vote of No Confidence

The Synod's Board for Communications Services minutes of one year ago, April 2007, include this vote of no confidence for the KFUO management, including Dennis Storz and Chuck Rathert -- so you may wonder why they didn't get fired instead of Wilken and Schwarz):

M/S/C that, based on the written reports from the Executive Director and KFUO's Director of Broadcast Operations on the progress of carrying out the recommendations of KFUO audit committee, the Board express its serious reservations about and growing lack of confidence in the management of KFUO to carry out, at minimum, the recommendations of the committee and to give evidence of initiative in making necessary changes in programming, personnel, and finance.

In regard to the motion, the following areas of concern were expressed:

1. The need for AM staff vision for programs that can be nationally syndicated.
2. The need for the staff to be aware of the precarious future of commercially supported classical music programming as the financial basis of the station. (The content can increasingly be had from other sources, e.g., internet download, satellite radio.)
3. The need to explore the possibility of commercial support for AM.
4. The need to move forward more quickly in effecting savings through automation.
5. The need to develop a new personnel organizational chart.
6. The need to effect the best and most efficient use of time and talents of the staff, with possible job realignments, consolidations and/or staff reductions.
7. The need to be more intentional about the goals of the radio format.


MartinWalther said...


This whole situation is absolutely messed up!

Rev. Alex Klages said...

Pastor Brondos,

Thanks for this blog. I have linked to it from my own and will look forward to continuing to read it, regardless the topic!