Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Catechetical Hymn

I really benefit from hymns which summarize the Word of God and the Christian faith. One such hymn is found in the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary hymnal of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). It covers 5 of the 6 chief parts of the catechism (Luther's Small Catechism originally had only 5 parts, not 6. The Office of the Keys was added later.) Another hymn captures the 6 chief parts in a succinct manner: "Lord, Help Us Ever To Retain."


Fear and love thy God and Lord
And revere His name and Word,
Holy Keep the Sabbath day,
Honor to thy parents pay,
Kill not, shun adultery,
Steal not, lies and slander flee,
Keep from covetousness free.
Help me, Lord, I trust in Thee!


In the Father I believe,
Who to all did being give,
And in Jesus Christ, His Son,
Who for all redemption won;
And my faith I also place
In the Holy Ghost, whose grace
Sanctifies our souls and ways.
Grant me faith through all my days!


Father, throuned in heav'n above,
Hallowed be Thy name in love;
Let Thy kingdom come we pray,
And Thy will be done alway;
Give us food, forgiveness send,
In temptations aid extend,
Save us, Lord, when comes our end!
Amen! Lord, Thy Church defend!


God the Father, God the Son,
God the Spirit, Three in One,
I, baptized into Thy name,
As Thy child Thy blessing claim;
Grant that by Thy promised grace
I my trust in Thee may place,
All my sins with peace replace
Till in heav'n I see Thy face.


Jesus, let my soul be fed
With Thyself, the living Bread,
For Thy flesh is meat indeed,
And Thy cleansing blood I need;
Let it cleanse from sin and shame,
Keep me from all harm and blame,
That Thy death I may proclaim,
And forever bless Thy name.

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