Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Good Samaritan

This past Sunday, in the historical lectionary (not the same as the three-year lectionary used by many American congregations of various confessions), the account of the Good Samaritan served as the Gospel reading and text for the sermon.

One memorable thing from the preaching of Rev. Matthew C. Harrison while I served with him at Zion Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, IN was the summary of this text that he proclaimed from the pulpit.

The robbers said:
"What's yours is ours and we take it."

The priest/scribe said:
"What's ours is ours and we keep it."

The Samaritan said:
"What's mine is yours and I give it."

Thus, Christ and His righteousness for those who have been beaten up by sin -- and not a moral example for people to obey.


Pastor D said...

perfect...preach so all can know and understand Christ and Him crucified.

George said...

I'd only make one correction. The Samaritan should say, "What's mine is mine but I freely give it up for you."