Monday, April 14, 2008

What They're Reading

I first became aware of what synod leaders were reading in my seminary days. They were books written by authors like McGavran & Arn and Kennon L. Callahan. At first the books interested me, but then I began to realize that they led people into methods and beliefs which were diametrically opposed to the Scriptures and our Lutheran Confessions.

Over the years, I've seen many other books being read by synodocrats, books on the latest trends in church growth, paradigms in personal relationships, motivational speaking, business management with names like Drucker and Carver -- and most recently, Leonard Sweet. I believe that the adapted strategies of these men are responsible for many of the difficulties we face as a synod today.

When queried, the board members and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have nothing to do with such pseudo-business pulp-fiction pop psychology. And the books that synodocrats are reading represent management trends which the more gullible and less insightful in the business world left behind 10 years ago.

If we paid more attention to what the synodocrats are reading, we might be able to nip some things in the bud before their dandelions take over our yard.

Do you know what your district and synodical leaders are reading?


Anonymous said...

"The Barbarian Way" by Erwin Raphael McManus. Not District Leaders, but other leaders in my church.

Anonymous said...

Christian Schwarz, Natural Church Development ( )